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 GM Applicaion

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PostSubject: GM Applicaion   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:20 pm

1. What’s your ingame nick? Will be Hades

2. What’s your name? Daniel

3. How old are you? 16

4. Your Sex? Male

5. Where are you from? Ukraine

6. As a GM you must be active daily on forum, are you willing to spend 20 min/1 hour on the forum? Seems pretty ridiculous, because I spend more time on forum. I usually spend for about 3 hours per day.

7. How long will you spare your time to the server? Let's say for about 3 or even 4 hours per day. On weekends I spend much more hours. Well, 5 or even 7.

8. For how long have you played Lineage? I've been playing Lineage2 since c2. I started it before 4 years and a half.

9. Have you ever been a GM on another server? I've been several times a GM. I can notice you with previous servers I've worked for, and I can name them. Some of them was: L2Inc, L2RaceSupremacy.

10. Why do you want to be a GM? I want to help servers. Why? I just want to share experience and share my work with you people. I just love being a GM and help people. I love making servers a dedicated hit. Sounds funny? Well it ain't at all.

11. What will you do to improve the server? Some nasty events which all gonna like it, so serious advertising job, promotional banners, more promotion on other matters etc etc.

12. Why L2.Eternal Lovers? [at least 5 sentences] Why not? I just saw it was a new server and said: What the hell? Lemme check it out. Saw some of the features and decided to join. Well I am updating my client at the moment to be more accurate. Well the thing is that I started like this on L2 Race Supremacy and I made that server one of the best servers ever. I just want to help you. That's all. Smile

13. Do you know about the GM basics? [Such as the GM rules, How to act as a GM, what actions to do when etc] Well, when someone even owned a server, administrated another servers, TWICE, and been a GM several times, I think I know what the exact rules of being a GM are, or even what do I have to do as a GM.

14. How you can find a player that using a dual box? Looking via the admin panel for same IPs. Nothing hard lol.

15. If you find someone using L2walker, what would you do, and how would you detect it? What ways do you know, and how would you do it? Every time I check for any illegal actions. I hate all these exploits and hacks, so I just bring the banhammer. Very Happy

16. If someone is insulting you and your family with various things, how would you react and what actions would you take? Com'on! Family is family right? Even if being a player you should not see anything like that. I'll report it to my superior and I'll ban that player with his permission.

17. If a near friend of you is asking for items and various, what would you do and how would you respond? Buddy NO, NO and DAMN NO. That were and will be my exact words.

18. If you see someone greifbuffing someone, how would you react, and what would you? [Give different options for different situations] One way. Will report it to my superior and I'll see what he says. Such decisions are things which administrators decide. If I was an administrator I would jail just for a small period to show some punishment and to change his attidute.

19. How can we reach you? Msn, e-mail, skype.

20. Is your English level high? Well I think you already understood if they are. I speak/type 99% fluent English. No vocabulary mistakes, but a really small bunch of grammar mistakes.

21. You know any other languages except English? German, Russian, Ukrainian and Greek. I am in the verge of starting Swedish too.

22. Describe your self in [Max 2 lines] I am a hard-worker. I never let down anything I want to be with, and I want to be with L2Eternal Lovers. I am experienced and obedient to my server. I have several talents for a teenager. Some of them are: Photoshop rookie, got html/xml/xhtml and php knowledge. Not lots of, but still it is useful. I am an amateur in website designing. I am eventful, I am extremely active, I know about L2, and I'm not a naab who says: OMG WTF? :O I am play lineag for 7 years!!!!! plax make m gm. I know what L2 is about and I know what L2 has in it.

Yours faithfully,
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PostSubject: Re: GM Applicaion   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:34 pm

Thanks for your interest i will take this matter into consideration and inform you.
Hope to see you ingame
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GM Applicaion
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